Vril Street Blues

Firearm Rules

Firearms Rules:
(see individual weapons for availability and bonuses/penalties of attack types)
Single Shot (SS) = single attack roll vs. one target, Standard Action
Three-Round Burst (3R) = single attack roll vs. one target, Standard Action
Full Auto (FA):
Full Attack Action
against one target = single attack roll
multiple targets = one attack roll per target
Suppressing fire = reflex save vs. to-hit roll
If target succeeds on reflex save vs. suppressing fire, they can act normally for the round. If they fail, they must keep their heads down for the round (pinned) or get hit.

“Quick” Aim (Move Action) +2 to hit
“Full” Aim via Bracing (FRA) +4 to hit
Fire on the run -5 to hit
Soft Cover (human body, hedgerow, undergrowth) +2 AC/REF vs. Incindental Hit
Hard Cover (armored vehicles, concrete, iron) +4 AC/REF vs. Incindental Hit


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