Owen “Mike” Mikopolous


Rank: Private
Medic and Translator
STR 12
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 15
CHA 13
Saves: F/R/W 7/7/4 (base 5-5-2)
AC: 12
HP: 72
Melee: Punch 7/2 (1d4+1 nonlethal), Combat knife 7/2 (1d4+1)
Tommy Gun – .45 ACP, 160 ft. effective range, 30-round magazine, 750 rpm/12rps/72rpr
Damage – 2d6 per round
SS: +1
3R: +1
FA: 8 (40ft. cone OR one target)
MA to switch mag
Mk 2 Hand Grenades – 120 ft. effective range, 90ft. blast radius, 5-second fuse, qty 4
Damage – 4d10
40 ft.: +3
80 ft.: +1
120 ft.: -1
Heal – 7
Intimidate – 4
Knowledge (Local) – 4
Knowledge (Nature) – 4
Orienteering – 2
Profession (Soldier) – 2
Stealth – 4
Tracking – 2
Languages – French, German, Greek, English, Italian, Spanish, Latin
Special Abilities:
2 G.I. Points (per session):
Spend 1 point to adjust any d20 roll by +4
Spend 1 point to auto-confirm any critical hit
Spend 1 point to halve damage taken
Spend 1 point to take 20 on any of your skills
Spend 2 points to cheat death
Other Gear:
Shovel, 30’ rope, C-rats, canteen, bedroll, paramedic kit, 20 clips .45 ACP


Hometown: Brandon, FL
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Religion: Greek Orthodox
You are a deeply patriotic American, first-born son of Greek immigrants deeply thankful for the opportunities your adopted home has afforded you. Indeed; your skills as a medic have you eager to win the war and return home to start a medical practice and make giant piles of money. You despise the Germans, the Italians, and the Japanese for what you perceive as their psychotic killing and opposition to freedom. You never miss a chance to remind everyone of the greatness of God and America. You have experience in combat (Normandy), but this is your first mission with Fireteam Bravo.

Owen “Mike” Mikopolous

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