Terence “Johnny Reb" Bellweather


Rank: Private
Tracker and Infiltrator
STR 13
DEX 18
CON 11
INT 16
WIS 16
CHA 16
Saves: F/R/W 5/9/5 (base 5-5-2)
AC: 14
HP: 60
Melee: Punch 7/2 (1d4+1 nonlethal), Combat knife 7/2 (1d4+1)
Winchester 1912 M12 Trench Gun – 12 ga. 00 buck (wired and non-), 80ft. effective range, 6-round internal mag
Wired Buck: +4 vs. one target, 20d6 damage
Regular Buck: +4 for each of 9 pellets in a 10- or 15-foot cone (depending on choke), 2d6 damage per pellet
FRA to adjust choke
FRA to reload, MA for half-reload
Mk 2 Hand Grenades – 120 ft. effective range, 90ft. blast radius, 5-second fuse, qty 2
Damage – 4d10
40 ft.: +5
80 ft.: +3
120 ft.: +1
Diplomacy – 5
Knowledge (Local) – 4
Orienteering – 7
Profession (Soldier) – 7
Tracking – 7
Stealth – 7
Special Abilities:
2 G.I. Points (per session):
Spend 1 point to adjust any d20 roll by +4
Spend 1 point to auto-confirm any critical hit
Spend 1 point to halve damage taken
Spend 1 point to take 20 on any of your skills
Spend 2 points to cheat death
Other Gear:
Shovel, 30’ rope, C-rats, canteen, bedroll, first-aid kit, pipe, 48 rounds wired 00 buckshot, 48 rounds regular 00 buckshot, garrote


Hometown: Bowling Green, KY
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Religion: Christian
You are an extremely intelligent and observant southerner who likes to take the fighting to the enemy whenever possible. You are very socially progressive and find both sexism and racism to be downright un-christian. You are hoping to become a pastor if you survive this, so you can preach the true gospel, which you feel many have forgotten. You have experience in combat (Africa and Italy), but this is your first mission with Fireteam Bravo.

Terence “Johnny Reb" Bellweather

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