Vincent “Rose” Rosenberg


Rank: Specialist 4
STR 15
DEX 20
CON 13
INT 10
WIS 13
CHA 10
Saves: F/R/W 6/10/3 (base 5-5-2)
AC: 15
HP: 66
Melee: Punch 8/3 (1d4+2 nonlethal), Combat knife 8/3 (1d4+2)
MG-42 (captured) – 7.92mm Mauser, 500 yard effective range, 260-round belt, (1200 rpm)/20rps/180rpr
Damage – 2d8
SS: +5 (MA to aim gives you a +2 to hit)
3R: 0 (One target only, MA to aim gives you a +2 to hit)
FA: -3 (60ft. cone OR one target)
FRA to reload
60% incidental hit rate at full auto
Firing for 2 consecutive rounds (one full belt) at full auto will necessitate a barrel switch.
Colt M1911A1 – .45 ACP, 60 yard effective range, 7-shot clip
Damage – 2d6 per round
SS: +5
MA to switch mags
Mk 2 Hand Grenades – 120 ft. effective range, 90ft. blast radius, 5-second fuse, qty 2
Damage – 4d12
40 ft.: +7
80 ft.: +5
120 ft.: +3
Intimidate – 5
Orienteering – 5
Profession (Soldier) – 5
Stealth – 4
Special Abilities:
2 Leadership Points (per session):
Spend 1 point to take 20 as a Standard Action on any CHA-based skill
Spend 2 points to help one of your men cheat death (cannot be used on yourself)
2 G.I. Points (per session):
Spend 1 point to adjust any d20 roll by +4
Spend 1 point to auto-confirm any critical hit
Spend 1 point to halve damage taken
Spend 1 point to take 20 on any of your skills
Spend 2 points to cheat death
Other Gear:
Shovel, 30’ rope, C-rats, canteen, bedroll, first-aid kit, 1 spare MG-42 barrel, 10 belts MG-42 ammo, 8 clips .45 ACP


Hometown: Prattsville, NY
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Religion: Jewish
You are a skilled soldier and a caring, friendly man. You are convinced that you and everyone you meet is going to die during this war, so you want to make everyone’s last days as pleasant as possible. You have experience in combat (Africa, France, Netherlands), and have been fighting in Fireteam Bravo with Warhorse for the last year.

Vincent “Rose” Rosenberg

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